By developing all our shows with the highest technology, we offer our clients greater security and confidence.

Technical Specs of the Show

Up to 10 minutes


4x3W RGBW 900

Max speed: 15 m/s
Max Height: 125 m
Max elevation speed : 11 m/s
2D Sequences: Yes
3D Sequences: Yes
Flight over people: No
Multiple simultaneous shows: Yes


  • Our drone shows are monitored in real time using the latest in control software.
  • We work on frequencies outside of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and other conventional telecommunications.
  • Emergency landing routines and RTH (Return to Home) functionality built into our Swarm.
  • Georeferenced limits that guaranty the drones will only fly on their allowed pre-established work area.
  • Drones emit presence lights for other aircrafts in the area to notice them.
  • Redundant IMUs provide accurate readings on the position and movement of every drone in the swarm.
  • Manufactured following the ISO9001 and AS9100 Standards in the USA.