The show can last up to 10 minutes depending on weather conditions.

It requires a minimum of 30 days, but exceptions can be made depending on the nature of the project.

A takeoff area with a size of 3 per drone is needed, meaning, if there are 50 drones, a takeoff area of ​​150 would be needed.

Drone designated area with security.

127 Volt 60 Hz electrical supply for battery charging.

No, no flights may be performed over people.

Each drone has a luminescence of 900 lumens.

Up to 15km without obstacles.

Between 12 to 15 figures depending on complexity and weather conditions.

Clear skies, no precipitation and with less than 18 mph winds.

No, but it can be rescheduled within the next 15 days.

Up to 390 feet following the FAA normative and regulations.

FAA permits are required, which we manage directly.

Of course, our shows are always accompanied by music for a better experience, music and sound system are to be provided by the client.

Yes, as long as the weather conditions are ideal to perform the show.